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Designers are the bridge between Raw Materials and Retail.

The planet is in trouble. Society is in panic mode. We need answers. It's time for some positive notes, and that is my intention with this blogpost, so here it goes.

Firstly, I'd like to talk about the foundation of fashion, the very core elements that make the clothes we wear and admire from magazines, Instagram posts, and by staring at fabulous strangers on the street (not socially appropriate today...or ever....oops). FOCUS. Elements. Fashion. Clothes. Right!

Do you ever wonder what our clothes are made from? Where the very first fiber the fabric is made of comes from? How much time it takes to grow the crops, to spin the yarn, to weave the fabric, to cut the patterns, to sew the patterns into the final piece that is the garment you buy from your favourite brand? I never did, until November 2018 when I had my epiphany out of which aest-ethics was born.

The facts are that:

* the population continues to grow

* people need clothes and will continue to buy them

* to feel good in our skin we want to look good #fashionpsychology

This got me thinking: How can I keep loving fashion without feeling like a horrible human being for being new clothes?

The core findings lie in building a bridge between Science and Design. If these two worlds come together, we, you and me darling, get to keep enjoying fashion and general great design, without doing more harm to the environment !!! Would that not be fantastic?

This sums up why I gave this post the title: "Designers are the bridge between Raw Materials and Retail". Designers are in charge of the Aesthetics, while Scientists are in Charge of the Raw Materials.

What about Retail? I'm glad you asked, and all I can say for now is: We're working on it. To learn more about Extremely Slow Fashion, Design, Science, and other Fun Facts, head over to and follow on Instagram @aest_ethics

Stay safe & sane!



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