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Find your body shape with this handy tool

I have this friend who absolutely loves fashion, but does not always dress in a way that flatters her body shape. She often feels insecure about her looks and even mentioned she just may need to lose weight. However, I have come to find that she follows influencers who promote clothes that are only fit for their body type - and my friend looks nothing like them. This means that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her body, but her choices may need some guidance so she will feel great about the way she dresses herself.

When I say I do not like influencers, it's never on a personal level. It's about what they have come to represent: marketing products to thousands of innocent customers who are gullible enough to believe that by buying the promoted product, they will look and feel as fabulous as the image the influencer has been portraying. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but let's face reality for a second. I genuinely believe that influencers are good people too, but often their bank accounts corrupt their moral compass and steer it south rather than north. (Metaphorically speaking, north is the way forward).

Now, I wanted to do something that makes customers like you and me feel empowered when deciding on our next clothing purchase. Whether it is a top, a bottom, or maybe even a swimsuit, I carefully consulted the Internet and found a tool that is free to use and based on research conducted on 6,000 women. The study identified 8 body shapes. I find the website a legit resource for reliable facts about our body shapes and thence wanted to share their findings with you.

Photo: Unsplash

By clicking on the button "CONTINUE", you will be forwarded to their Body Shape Calculator.

Basically, for the female body type, there are 8 shapes for which women (of course including transgenders and drag queens) can pick their outfits to look and feel as fabulous on the outside as they are on the inside. By name, these are the following:


Soon, I will post a guide with tips for dressing for your body shape. I firmly believe that if you know your body shape and colour palette, you will be confident in your personal style and only purchase what brings out the best in you. Why would you waste money on what you end up not wearing because you do not feel confident in it?

I am with you on this journey. Follow me on instagram for more updates from the world of circular fashion and consumer empowerment.





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