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I'm a TV Host! Also, meet two of my favourite entrepreneurs!

What we need more than anything today, is the truth. Enough with all the sugarcoating, greenwashing, window dressing, make-belief, and other dishonest practices just to make a profit. Please, that is just so 2019 am I right?

Living in Copenhagen and being active in a startup scene, I have become friends with two incredible impact entrepreneurs. One is Johannah, who is the founder of IMPACTR, and the other is Lili, founder & creative director of textile-waste-turns-treasure-brand Sustainable Wair.

Meet Johannah! After a corporate career of 10 years she made the switch to starting her own company. She and her coFounders have built a global community in a short amount of time. It's pretty impressive and they are truly empowering people to make the world a better place.

The idea is to give people a platform to share their ideas for reducing our ecological footprints and to drawdown global warming as a community.

I am proud to be on their Expert list and had so much fun doing this conversation, even though I really had no idea what I was really doing - but that might just be the beauty of it and the key to authenticity. If you have not heard of IMPACTR yet, I highly recommend you to check out their website !

Given that I have been doing quite some investigating into the fashion industry, Johannah asked me to host a conversation about the impact fashion has on us and how we can make it better. I was honoured and asked my friend Lili to join this conversation. Therefore, the next person I'd like you to meet is my co-host Lili!

During her Master's in Sustainable Design & Entrepreneurship, she discovered an opportunity for textile waste. When our discarded clothes (you know the ones thrown in a "charity bin" of which we are told ends up with those in dire need), end up in recycling factories, the piece of textile gets graded. The lower the grade, the lower the chance the garment will end up in the hands of a happy new user. The reality is that these textiles get incinerated or end up in landfill.

The shoes we are showing here are Lili's first products that have recently experienced a super successful crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic crisis, the new owners will have to wait a little longer, but

I'm sure everyone understands that this is a Force Majeure and patience is a virtue. Right?

This conversation was recorded in January and is now available on YouTube and via

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