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Imagine the future of your wardrobe

Are you ever wondering what fashion can do for you? It can make you look and feel great. Empowerment can come from the way we dress, as it becomes a means of self expression through which we openly communicate our personality.

Just look at this cutie; aspiring to be a superhero! OK, frankly the dog didn't dress him/herself (How can I know the sex of it?). This is by human doing. And that just directly speaks to the importance of dressing and our emotional states.

Photo: Unsplash

Let's get back to human nature here. FOCUS. OK, I'm back!

As often as we think something looks great, it does not as often look that great on us. Why is that?

It could be for various reasons actually, but let's keep it simple. In general, clothes that look good TO you, may not look that good ON you because of the following two reasons:

1) the colour simply does not work with your skin tone. Luckily, there are colours that do work for you. Knowing your colour palette is therefore the first hurdle to tackle. You can do this yourself, or download an app that does this for you.

I find YouTuber Justine Leconte an absolute valuable resource for guidance in this. You can check out her channel here.

2) the pattern of the fabric may not be working for you as it could be accentuating your "problem areas" rather than dressing for your shape. Whatever your shape, you are beautiful! In case you want to emphasize your length or tone down your waste for example, you may want to find patterns that do the work for you. Again, Justine Leconte is your gal.

We would all need a personal stylist, but who can afford this? (Not me). However, do not despair; technology comes to the rescue ! (Staying in that superhero theme ;) ) Our phones can do so much more than enabling us to communicate with others. Your phone may have a personal stylist hiding in it.

Enter, MyVestiaire. This app does it all for you. Currently, cooking up more features to be added to the app, Sophie and Riikka are never not inspired to go the extra mile. I met with Riikka in London the other day, and I'm inspired by their vision for our future way of getting dressed and selecting the right clothes to make us feel as fabulous as we look.

Stay tuned for more about this app!

Me and Riikka have quite different colour palettes. I'm winter, she's summer. My winter palette states that I should wear dark or bright colours close to my skin. I can wear colours from the summer palette, but these need to be contrasted, fx. a pastel pink pair of pants, with a dark blue jumper and a crisp white blouse. In the photo below you can see the evidence. Riikka is a Summer Palette and she's rocking a pastel pink jumper. And I'm rocking my navy blue ethical merino knit jumper. Right?!

Cheerio! Follow me on Instagram for more updates on my #LONDONDAYS and #FASHIONFACTS

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