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NEWSFLASH : I have decided to become a designer!

Wait what? Aren't you an economist, not a fashion designer?

True. You got me. Allow me to explain myself. Thank you.

In my quest to find how aesthetics can meet ethics towards the Planet and People,

I have found this amazing material and I want the world to know about it. How do I do that? The only feasible way is to make a product with it. The textile that I'm referring to, resembles that of animal leather. Resembles it, because Science, baby.

There is not much I can disclose in this stage, but I have started to look at Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. I feel like a basket or a mini bag would be a good style.

When it comes to design, I have been asking myself: "How fun would it be, if it's a bag with a timeless design that I can use for whatever occasion I need a small bag for?" We are not carrying that much with us anymore today anyway, right? All I need is my phone, my keys, and maybe a bottle for water. My wallet is in my phone. My phone could be on my watch.

I'm embarking on a journey. The path to become a handbag designer is in my experience one that starts with education. Thank heavens for YouTube! There is nothing you cannot find there when it comes to learning:

- how to draw

- how to make a pattern

- how to cut a pattern

- how to stitch leather

- and so much more that comes along the way

Let's keep the story short, but please tell me what kind of bag you like best and what you would like me to design! I'm curious to find out and who knows, I may name the bag after you!

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