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QuaranTime tales: I decided to finally write my first book!

"Are you nuts?" I told myself after impulsively posting a CALL FOR FEMALE FOUNDERS IN FASHION. As a founder, I work purely intuitively, of course based on trained rational thinking (as far as that goes). When the lockdown was announced in Denmark, I figured I would be even more at home than usual and thus would need to find an activity to spend that extra time on. Why not write a book?

Since summer 2019, I have been walking around with a book title that I did not have a clear concept nor room for at that time. This title is one that is provocative yet empowering a group of entrepreneurs that have long been overlooked by investors. Also, it is a group of individuals who were not afraid to take a step into a direction that goes against the status quo. This is not easy to do, even though it may sound simple to be a rebel with a cause. James Dean looked cool doing so (but he was without a cause...OK FOCUS).

I posted this call for respondents on my LinkedIn as I needed some external input for names of entrepreneurs to interview. The concept started to become clear: a collection of stories of female entrepreneurs who are making a real impact to help transform the second biggest pollutant into a force for good. The fashion industry has been doing more harm than good to the planet, and with the 1.5ºC Challenge becoming an ever more daunting one, now is the time to act, offering a sustainable alternative, unapologetically.

What is this title that I believe is the right one for a collection of stories of inspiring entrepreneurs who are fighting against two types of status quo?

The book will be published in the near future ;) so stay tuned! Stay Safe. Stay Sane. Stay Kind.

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