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Technically, it's fashion!

Growing up I loved playing The Sims (read: "was addicted to"). One of my favourite parts was creating a new person to play with and then change their outfit every other minute (there is a reason the word wardrobe starts with "war"...). Somehow, seeing my Sim look good, made me feel good. Call it a win-win.

What if this win-win could happen in our reality? Are we ever too old to play games or at least interact with them in some fashion? (pun intended)

Imagine dressing your digital self for a second...what would they look like? How would dressing them make you feel? ...Food for thought, but let's carry on.

By now, you've probably noticed the technological innovations the fashion industry is adopting in order to let the show go on and to reduce the massive carbon footprint it has been causing (i.e. First Runner Up in the Climate Pollution Contest. Congrats Oil, you're the champion). For inspiration, I highly recommend Googling Helsinki Fashion Week.

Drifting off...sorry about that. I tend to do this when my mind gets into one specific's like playing The Sims (feeling like time does not exist). It's quite a good feeling, almost a taste of freedom if you will. Sounds contradictive one may argue. However, what if this feeling of freedom by experiencing the joy from fashion's creativity could be just the new normal?

The Sims partnered with Moschino last year. (via

In a Post-COVID world, this, I imagine, would be one of the front-running innovations that fiercely strut down the runway while traditional fashion is too busy trying to book flights, models, hotels, MUAs, catering, photographers, studios, etc. The amount of CO2 emission that is committed by "simply" replacing analog fashion shows with digital ones is significant. Worth the shot, but where to start?

Please allow me to enlighten you. As I already introduced you to digital fashion in one of my previous posts for MESS, this is what you should become obsessed with. It does require a shift in mindset, but isn't change the only constant...? Next, you want to practice, practice, practice, until you experience that "got it, get me a project" moment.

Hinting at it already in the title,....WAIT FOR IT...., I am starting a podcast later this summer, called: Technically Fashionable!

Together with the Founding President of Fashion Revolution Luxembourg, I'm interviewing experts and newcomers about the world of digital fashion! The word textile carries a reference to technology in it...just saying.

I hope you made it to the end of this post and that it gave you a scent of entertainment with a dash of information.

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