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The Power of Fashion

I remember not always feeling that I looked great, but an outfit I styled myself would always turn that around. I don’t know if it’s the fabrics, the shapes, the colors, the activities triggering my creativity: I just knew that it always brought positivity. This is why fashion is written with the f of fun!

Having become overly conscious of the negative impact my fashion purchases have made on society and the planet, I can no longer buy anything without first knowing its full supply chain from the very first fiber to the final result that ends up as a member of my wardrobe. A wardrobe member, a friend?

What if our wardrobes were filled with beautifully handcrafted designs and we know exactly every step of the process is positive towards the planet and people? What if I told you this does not have to be “something for the future”, but that a Dutch startup is very much implementing this into their products from Day 1?!?

With great pride I introduce you to where we do everything to provide the Cleanest Way to Great Design one fabric at a time.

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