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The School of Circular Fashion

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

EVERY MONDAY 8PM CET on Clubhouse.

I cannot believe this is actually happening... I am starting an online school together with my fellow circular fashion entrepreneur Filip Westerlund! It's a funny story actually...

Filip and I have been following each other on Instagram and LinkedIn but never spoke. Then one day on Clubhouse he joined one of the rooms I hosted and we just shared actually the same vision and greenwashing filter. Both of us do not have a background in fashion and I believe this is what makes us have a fresh perspective on the messy situation and how to get out of it. After all, it is this vision that inspires me everyday to work on Positive Fibers together with incredible people who want to see the ECO put into ecommerce!

One of the main reasons why we decided to do a school, on Clubhouse, is because all conversations we moderated led to the same narrative:

Consumers want to buy only what is good but they first need Education, Education, Education. The question is, who is going to educate them with reliable information that is not tainted with ulterior motives from a brand.

And this is also where things get tricky. Filip and I both have a brand. We are building businesses that need customers in order for the business to survive. The motivation is beyond business; we want the entire system to change for collective prosperity. This is what individuals benefit from far greater than from a successful business. What else drives me to do this is that I just want to share my knowledge that I've been acquiring over the past 2,5 years. When the situation is as urgent as it is now, what is the point to keep all of that to myself?

I have a M.Sc. in Economics & Business Administration (+ specialized in bio-circular fashion), and Filip is finishing up his M.Sc. in Psychology. Both our companies have a completely different business model, but both are aligned with the principles of Cradle to Cradle design. This is a perfect combination of understanding and nudging consumer behavior to support taking individual action that combined will make a positive impact in the economy and society.

As we are very well aware that Clubhouse is still inaccessible to the masses, we have decided to record all classrooms so we can share these lessons with our audiences outside of the app.

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