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Positive Fibers is the world's first Circular Fashion House on a mission to put the ECO into eCommerce. We offer designs made in the cleanest ways possible delivered through digital experiences for a zero waste society. Alumna of the Founder Institute London/Silicon Valley S20.


Formerly, co-founder. Justice in Fashion is an alliance of professionals working in the garment industry through roles as lawyers, anti-human trafficking detectives, human rights activists, entrepreneurs, and other like-minded individuals who are driven to make the fashion industry an ethical one.


Copenhagen Business School is one of the top business school in Europe, focused on sustainability and innovation. My masters in International Business and minor in Data Science have helped me broaden my horizon and ability to quickly connect the dots.


When developing Wair, I worked closely with Marije/the circular fashion detective to ensure the sustainability of the upcycled sneakers and the overall concept. When developing a sustainable product from scratch, there is a lot of decisions to make and trade-offs to consider, so it has been extremely valuable to get Marije's qualified input throughout the whole process. Our product is now ready to be sold and we are super proud of it - and we can't thank Marije enough for being by our side and guiding us through the entire journey of making Wair what it is today and what it will be in the future.

I would definitely recommend any fashion entrepreneur or brand to work with her!

Lili Dreyer, founder of Wair

Image by Denys Striyeshyn
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